Sonntag, 18. August 2013

Autumn is near

Temperatures dropped and there is a fizzy rain outside. A beautiful rain.
Love this weather at the moment.

Painted a whale today.

And some scarfes are waiting to be sewn, too.  Love, love liberty fabric. They have really great bird prints in their autumn collection. Yesterday I saw a little skirt out of liberty fabric for the little girl of a friend. Easy peasy to sew for a six year old. Hope she will like her new skirt - it is in the mail allready.

My right foot - well, the cooling helped a lot and I added a pill of Ibuprofen 600 yesterday. Now my right ankle is 1 1/2 big as usual and it seems to get a bit of colour (red/blue), but I can still walk with just a little bit of pain.

I am cooking the soup for lunch today, back to my normal duties I guess.

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