Mittwoch, 21. August 2013


Today we got our white - sometimes it just needs some no to an alternative you do not want.
and we got our new bathtube. Some more days and I can take a bath under a window and stars.

Today I decided to give up on the pain meds. I have now a little headache and my leg hurts still a bit, but it is o.k..

I was told that I will get the one-year-job nearby (1/2 hours drive away). Still have to wait until I get it in written form - that's when I can be sure, but it looks good. Sleeping in my own bed for a year, yeaahhh.


Camila Faria hat gesagt…

Who knew that a white could be so difficult, right? I'm glad you got yours!

Diana Toledano hat gesagt…

I love bathtubs... and unfortunately I don't have one. :(
Enjoy yours for me!