Montag, 11. November 2013

New exhibition by Waldemar Mirek

Today I was invited to the opening of an exhibition by Waldemar Mirek.
I still remember the day we sat in his gallery and ate a pizza each and the door opened and a man came in and asked Waldemar if he is interested in an exhibition in our local tax office. He is the boss of the local tax office and would like a show.

Well, today was the start of that exhibition. It is called ElsterOnline and you can visit it in the Finanzamt Hannover-Mitte Lavesallee 10.

Waldemar loves to communicate and his works play with the visitors and other works.
The big bird painting in the second pic is from an other (former) exhibit, but it goes well with Waldemars birds. And he allready sold pieces before the show started. So when you have a chance to see it you should go.

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bizarre but cool stuff!