Samstag, 16. November 2013

Quiet time

I did some baking today. Two batches of cookies are finished.
A lot of hot tea is involved, too.
And I started to cross-stich again.

Doing something oldfashion alltimes cheers me up.


jabbott hat gesagt…

Good you keeping busy, glad your in better sprits x

prairiegirl hat gesagt…

Sounds wonderful and calming and just what your soul needs. ;)

Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

lily - you sound better... cookies and tea are a comforting thing. i used to cross-stitch like crazy many years ago. what are you cross-stitching?

cococita hat gesagt…

You are taking good care: that's a good thing!
Hope you enjoyed your Plätzchen and would love to see some of your cross-stitching creations here :)

coco hat gesagt…

oh, that is what i love too.
old fashioned way of things and living makes me happy. sometimes, i am in a mood to shut down all the crazy noise and just enjoy the silence.
as a matter of fact, today, i spent some peaceful moment just doing crochet.
i adore and tresure these moment. glad you feel the same.