Dienstag, 5. November 2013


Today I took a day off to do another job-interview.
I thought about taking pics on the road coz I saw so much nice old houses; well, the weather was awfull - rainy and dark - no weather for pics, sorry.

The job-interview, it was o.k.. I will get notice next week, if I got the job.
(I do not think I will, they did not look so happy me telling them I still have to finish my course in Berlin and will miss work for several weeks).

Before the interview I still had some time to finish a bag - and I made an exchange today with a friend in honey. Sweet bag - sweet money (honey).


prairiegirl hat gesagt…

Sweet honey & money!! Haha.
The right position will come your way, and you will be happy, and they will be happy to have you.
Meanwhile, paint birds! ;)
Enjoy yourself, Lily.

cococita hat gesagt…

That sounds like a lovely exchange :)
Fingers crossed for the job and thank you so much for the beautiful card!
Wishing you a cosy and relaxing evening!