Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

On my wish list


flow (I just ordered their book for paper lovers)
wrap ( I still think about ordering the new issue)


Liberty of London (shaukat has allready a sneak preview of the spring 2014 Tana Lawn - I love to sew with it summer clothes)
Old German prints - aren't the roses beautiful?
Amy Butler - so beautiful fabrics - I love her honeycomb and am longing for this homedecor.


Something made by Orike Muth - I totally love her style and had to be very brave today not to buy something.
I love mugs and these are so beautiful - I just have the yellow one yet.

What is on your wish list?


Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

I haven't even thought about my wish list. But now you got me to thinking.

Love the rose patterns also! The calendars are fun and I really like the illustration/design magazine.
Very cool sites and things to wish for, Lily!

coco hat gesagt…

happy december to you lily.
stay warm.

jabbott hat gesagt…

You have some, cool things on your wish list, love the fabrics x