Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

Today - Designachten

Today I decided to take the car and drive to visit Designachten - a handmade fair held in the Sofa-Loft here in Hannover. After a long time searching I found a parking spot and was able to search for where the fair was - not as hard as the search for the parking spot. It takes 4,-- € entrance fee, but I bought so much cards cheaper than usual (postcards for 1,-- €/piece how cool is that?).
I love the postcards made by cmig and hand & maus and for sure the card with a cat from ranipink.
And it was great to see thing in world 1.0 - I saw only in the net before.
I had to behave myself not to buy much more than I did. Some prints were gorgeous, but I did not want to buy them without my hubby who was brave at home doing some work in our house (and he will still need some more hours to get his new working place together).
Lunch was today just an affair of rolls.

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cococita hat gesagt…

ranipink's world looks like a fascinating one.
have a good week in berlin, lily!