Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Yesterday - Christmas market in Ober Hilbersheim

Yesterday I went to the Christmas market in Ober Hilbersheim.

It is just one weekend per year, but worth visiting. Well, when you find it - it is a bit hard to get there - I think they decided to built some wrong things into the GPS, coz they have to keep the visitors in a managable number - and it was still very well attended. You will see a lot of handmade things and craftmanship. You can buy great stuff and they sell local mulled wine and specialities for fair prices. The food is mostly provieded by local groups. I had a fresh baked pretzel with cheese and a mulled wine and I took a bottle of local white wine home for hubby who did not come with me - he preferred to cycle 4 hours in a gym.

I saw a lot of good things, but hey, I had to behave myself, so I just bought some handprinted cards and a new teapot (you can see it on the second pic) I am using allready at this moment while I write here.


cococita hat gesagt…

Thank you for sharing the 'Gemütlichkeit' with us, Lily! All that pottery looks amazing. This year I won't make it to a X-mas market in your country: it's so different from the atmosphere on our X-mas markets, although our country is blessed with some none commercial ones as well. I hope you are enjoying your tea right now. Wishing you a beautiful and carefree X-mas season!

jabbott hat gesagt…

Hi Lily, im so chuffed you have photos with your blog, I love your blog any way by the way.The market looks perfect for finding bargains.So your enjoying your new tea pot then, good for you.Lots of tea to keep you warm hey!

prairiegirl hat gesagt…

You've been busy and I've been so behind!!!
Sounds like you're in a festive mood and out and about, buying cards and fabric and books.
I love paper and fabric too. I can't look too much online or I will go on a buying frenzy! Haha.
I'm enjoying your mail, dear sweet Lily.
Hope you got mine. ;)

Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

These market pictures of Germany warm my heart. :) There's no place more beautiful in winter or during Christmas than Germany. :) I can smell the market - my memories and your pictures help. The pretzel is making my mouth water! ha ha