Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Yesterday - second part

Yesterday we wanted to visit the exhibition of Orike Muth and on our way we saw that Waldemar Mirek was in his gallery. So we had to say hi to him and take a short stop there. He has decorated the whole room for Christmas. It was great that the art was not moving for the pics - Waldemar is such a whirlwind it was nearly impossible to get a pic of him. The last pic was the best of my tries I have to admit. Can you guess what he used in the first pic as base for the bird and the cones to hang?


cococita hat gesagt…

His gallery looks fascinating! You had a great day, hadn't you?

jabbott hat gesagt…

Hi lily, so it was mostly a worked based trip, glad you had time for a little pleasure at the gallery.I think the base for the exhibit with the bird is made from an umbrella.Am I right?Have a lovely Christmas x

Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

The base looks like some old farm tool??
Lily, I love your photography - it looks so fresh!
Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

Lily hat gesagt…

He used the highest part of last years christmas - trees. Cool idea fpr recycling!

Anonym hat gesagt…

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