Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014


Today I ordered myself some new glasses. I want something new to wear. I shopped locally for my glasses in a shop that looked like it was directly from the seventies - they were nice and helped me a lot to decide which ones to buy.

And I ordered for the first time ever at Vlisco. Want to check out their fabrics and they have a sale at the moment - so why wait?

In the last days of 2013 I bought myself a new (yellow!) bag from bree. Bree is a local branch that is located nearby and they have a fabric sale I used. I love their designs.

Seems 2014 will become a colourful year!


wide-eyed-tree hat gesagt…

Wow the bag is awesome! You made yourself a wonderful gifts! Sometimes we have to do that! Spoiling ourselves!

coco hat gesagt…

i started wearing glassess couple month ago too. i am curious what your glassess look like from 7o's!
happy new years lily.

jabbott hat gesagt…

I wear glasses to, are you getting used to yours yet?Nice bag toox