Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014


This week seems to run, but I am happy nonetheless.

I am still waiting for the shrimps (I was assured that they are able to live one week in the parcel), but I got a big parcel from vlisco, my new phonecase from castegram and I use my new selfsewn bag in pale blue each day.


wide-eyed-tree hat gesagt…

It looks lovely!

cococita hat gesagt…

I am using your red one every single day as well as it was love at first sight :) Thank you so much!!!

jabbott hat gesagt…

I love your little blue bag x

prairiegirl hat gesagt…

You made that bag yourself?!? It's lovely. Like the colors alot.
Seems you've been running and chasing down buses and trains, Lily darling.
Today, I wish you relaxation, tea and nice thoughts.