Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Today - pics

Celle 2014

The city changed over the years. When I was here some years ago I thought oh my, a beautiful busy city. I believe the city is in a way still beautiful, but several shops were closed without seeing anything going on - just the deserted space. Still some great shops to be found, but...

Do you like to shop in the big shopping malls or do you prefer the little chaotic shop?
I like the small shops and hope that there will be a revival.


jabbott hat gesagt…

Wow what gourgeous architecture, would love to shop there.Much preferred than a big heartless shopping centre any day x

coco hat gesagt…

it is a shame small shops are closed. it is more fun in little one

Annie hat gesagt…

what a beautiful place!

Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

Shops with handcrafted things! Yes, please. :)

Emdem hat gesagt…

Such a beautiful city! I don't really mind any kind of shop, they have their own perks sometimes. :))