Dienstag, 15. April 2014


Not blogging does not mean I do not live. Just the contrary - there is so much going on in world 1.0.
I visited the Bänderei Kafka in Wuppertal on Saturday. I alltimes wanted to go there, but they are only open one Saturday per month and it is a long drive. I bought a lot of ribbons - some are allready on their way to Japan and Austria. They produce with 100 year old machines ribbons that are beautiful - and they have very new designs, too. We drove on to visit relatives in the Hunsrück area and came back on sunday with our 14 years old nephew.  Monday I painted eggs and today we went to the local blockhuse to enjoy a steak. Oh, and it is the second week on my new working place. Still a bit new sometimes, but the co-workers are friendly and helpful.

Just some pics from last week in random order.


Maja (A Charmed Life) hat gesagt…

Nachdem ich mich lange rar gemacht habe, klingelts bei "Wuppertal" (als alte Ruhrpottlerin) natürlich bei mir :)
In der Elfringhauser Schweiz gibt es ein Museum zu dem Thema: http://www.hattingen-elfringhausen.de/WEBER/
Vielleicht fpr den nächsten Ausflug ;)
Lieben Gruß, Maja

Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

Nice pictures and your days seem full. All best on your new job. :)