Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

Time runs by and runs really fast

Wow, friday allready.

I got to see my papers from the last test on wednesday.
I allready found three points where I had the right answer and did not get a point.
One more and I can put down a quest about my results.
(I am still searching... perhaps....)

On the other side I have to start learning for the next written tests.
Next weekend I will be away for learning.

And work, normal life and so on goes on, too.

I guess I get to know why taking these exams is not fun at all, I am just happy that I have found nice gals to learn together with. :-)

I bought a lot of choc to get me through these days.
I love zotter.

What is your fav choc?

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jabbott hat gesagt…

Caramac is my fav choc x