Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Today - the first of May

The first of may - an official holiday in Germany.
Like usual we were invited for a walking tour in the woods with friends. I am not able to walk so far in such a short amount of time at the moment so I declined (well, it is raining and I have my menstruation, so it was no hard decision for me).

I am now home - doing some tasks here.
I started to finish my new pair of trousers and had to realize that the fabric meets in an odd way - well, it is in the back, but still...

What are you up to?


coco hat gesagt…

i like to see your new sewing project when you are done with it.
best season for a lot of things, sewing, knitting, time in the garden too.
have fun.

jabbott hat gesagt…

Hi lily, dont blame you for going on the cozy at home instead. I have been to work and a appointment today. I also did a little shopping in the town, I brought wool a nice cardigan and soap from Lush x