Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Why taking exams?

I do not know how it works where you life and work, but in my work there is a lot changing.
I got my bachelor degree about nearly twenty years ago - at a time where there where the first aviable pcs coming to our work places.

I took some pc classes later, but just one week courses and so (I was so lucky to have a bit of dos programming at school in the 90s so I was not afraid to use a pc).

Now we have a major shift at work again - I was one of the first to get all alone starting to translate it at my work place (putting new law into daily work). I took an exam to know what I do after a several weekend course. This led to me wanting to know more so I asked to get more training. Well, here in Germany everything needs an exam or test.

I am trying to get a paper. I allready finished three tests - failed one and have still more to come.

It is a bit hard to start a new job and be away for 1/4 of the time for learning and having to learn for exams, too.

But hey, why not trying?


coco hat gesagt…

I don't like exam but i think it is a
good idea to keep everyone updated to current. You are very optimistic person.

jabbott hat gesagt…

Good luck eith your exams x