Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Dear Mum and Dad

You told me some months ago that you will come tomorrow for an overnight stay coz you are invited to a birthday in a restaurant nearby and Dad is to old to drive home late at night.

Dear Mum,
yes, I know Dad is old and it is very convenient to stay overnight here, but why did you not ask?

I would have loved to have to make a decision if it is possible or not.

I would have loved to say no for some reasons. You will not understand me I believe, but it is not easy for me to have you around. You are a big shame trigger for me. It took me nearly 40 years to overcome this picture of my worthlessness and that I am allowed to have opinions on my own (well, not when I ask you, I know).

You never take me serious - you alltimes tell me someone is worse of when I just want someone to share not so great things with. When I am not complaining you alltimes tell me who got a child, a better job and so on so. You are not interested in any effort I do - I am just lucky or could do better.
You very seldom forget to tell me I should loose some weight.

When you visit I try to have some time outside - it is much easier for me around you. I allready started to clean the flat today and it is really inconvenient for me to have you and Dad around.
I am not at ease during this time and I do not have much time for you - my next exams are waiting and I  need some time for myself, too.

Your visit is not something I am looking forward happily to.

Sorry, but it is this way.

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