Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

How to start - part II

I just found a good resource here: Tilly and the buttons. You will find a guide for beginners with no background in sewing to get you through the first steps of sewing.

Oh, do not forget to read the directions of the pattern before you start. American pattern mostly include the sewing allowance, European and Japanese pattern do not include it and you have to add it yourself.

I use sewing chalk or old soap bars to mark the fabric.


Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

I love the blue skirt on the website. I will surely enjoy going through this site! Thank you. I got a very nice compliment on the bag you made me with the green corduroy straps. That lady sews and asked if you would share your pattern? I told her you were starting to share sewing tips on your blog and she was interested in your site.

jabbott hat gesagt…

Very good website and thanks for sharing x