Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014


Today i went to catch the usual train at 7:00. Everything seemed o.k.. The train was announced on the board. A train was on the tracks. Well, people were not boarding and when I asked why i was told it was going to Berlin - not Hamburg. After some time the waggons going to Berlin were on their way and my waggons to Hamburg were coming on the tracks.

Happy me.

Well, until I went into one. Seems they were used after the last Soccer Play. A lot of rubbish and a heartbreaking smell.

30 minutes late I hope to reach me destination
soon. And i will be happy to leave this Train that reminds me more of a trashed Public toilet than a train.

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jabbott hat gesagt…

Thats not right having to board a smelly dirty train, and when you paid good money for your ticket. In hate public transport .