Samstag, 3. Januar 2015


Starting the new year - allready 2015! - in Istanbul was something special. Usual I stay at home sleeping when the new year comes. This year I was in Istanbul and awake.

Why Istanbul? Well, I still had an invitation to go to Vienna by my husband, but when I saw that Istanbul was not much more expensive I decided to book Istanbul and travel to Vienna later.

Well, perhaps Vienna would have had better weather - in Istanbul we had two fine days (means without rain), one nice day (means snow) and the rest of the days we have had heavy rain and wind. The rain was so heavy we were soaked in no time. The great thing was that you got tea and fresh fruit-juices for small money nearly everywhere. So we drank a lot of hot tea - or salep, a hot milky beverage - and added a lot of vitamins with orange or pomegranate juices.

Love this sign above that I saw in the streets of Istanbul - consider beauty.
May this be my word for 2015.

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Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

I enjoyed seeing your pics of Turkey! Your word is truly special. :)