Freitag, 2. Januar 2015


Yes, I know I was a bit much quiet these days here. Well, today I will catch up. Take a big cup of hot beverage and enjoy.

Last week I stayed in Istanbul.

December is surely not the best time to visit Istanbul, but I wanted to travel together with my husband and his timeframe did not allow much else.

There is nearly no way to get a pic of the silhouette of Istanbul with one or another mosque.
Or when you get to smaller pics without stray cats or dogs. They live in the streets, but people provide food and shelter.

And the Bosphorus - there is a lot melody in this city.
I just got some tunes of it.

Which part I loved most - surely the Asian side. There it was not so crowded and there is Ciya. We ate four times at Ciya and had a turkish coffee afterwards at Fazil Bey. Oh, and we tried salep and boza. Well, I do not need to say more about it than we went there four times in a row.You can read more about Turkish cuisine here.

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