Montag, 23. Februar 2015


Today it is rainy and dark. Grey weather - not so much spring feeling like yesterday with sunshine.

Today I will go to Berlin to meet with my group to learn again for exams. I love to meet them, but I know it will be some hard days with a lot of difficult stuff.

I had some doc appointments these weeks. The skin cuts came out clear, so I can leave it for three months before I need a check again. Well, one thing that is not so great is that my right breast has something in it that you could not define 100% per ultrasound. My doc asked me to think about getting it checked per x-rays. I do not like to do x-rays. I know that they do not hurt, but hey, x-rays can cause cancer, too.

What would you do? Would you get it checked to get a 100% no breast cancer or would you wait and check it in some months per ultrasound again?


jabbott hat gesagt…

Check it out immediately, to be on the safe side x

wide-eyed-tree hat gesagt…

I had a fast growing lump in my breast. They operated it. And since then they said I have to make mammography once a year to control. This is over 10 years ago now, I never made mammography again, because i can not believe that this examination is good for breasts. It is hard to tell others what is right to do in such case. If you have too much fear if you don't let them find out what it is, then do it. If you can live with it, I would recommend to gain trust in life and self healing and focus on health and all the good things in life. Sending you a gib hug!