Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

About books

You perhaps know allready that I like to read. I love the smell of books fresh from the press. Being the first to open and read them.

There are two books that got me in the last months. Not because they were so beautiful and fun to read. No, because they catched a part of my soul that needed to hear their words.

These are the:

Kriegsenkel by Sabine Bode

Nebelkinder by Michael Schneider and Joachim Süss

Why these books?

They describe the war and problems that come for the generation after the war. I am a child of the first generation after the WW II. My parents were refugees as childs, half orphans. And I wondered if there might be a possibility to understand why they behaved like they did.

You perhaps think that all parents behave in a way crazy when you look at them as a kid. That is totally normal and you are right. Well, it just gets to becomes a problem when you know that you can not get on in your life like you want. There is something that gets you in a backloop alltimes.

Here are some of the things that get me in a backloop very often:

You have to please people. What you want and think does not matter. You have to do everything to please the people around you for all costs. Saying no is no option.

What you feel is wrong. You do not know your feelings. Everybody else knows better than you what is right in this situation.

You do not need borders. When anybody decides to get over something you call a border they are right not you. You do not know anything.

So you see - I am the best friend you can wish for - or not?

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