Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015


Today we were invited to a barbeque in the countryside. My friend from university is celebrating her birthday. Good meal and nice chatter. Well, that was what I hoped for.

When she called to give me the time I shall arrive it was 1:30 pm - you know I am a bit crazy, I need my lunch at 12am. I can tell you by my gut if it is 12am. I allready thought about cancelling. Well, she is my oldest friend, but...

Some minutes ago I got the call that the barbeque will be delayed another hour. My friend had urgent things to do she had no control of. I asked if I can come on another date, but she consisted of today coz she allready bought everything for the barbeque.

I will go, but I thought about going before to our local steakhouse to fill myself coz it is allready 12am.

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jabbott hat gesagt…

I would eat before you go, and leave a little room for there food. I always do just in case I dont like the food my friends serve. X