Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015


Oh my, how much I needed this weekend!

I decided to stay home and let my husband drive alone south for two days to visit his family in the Hunsrueck area. That was a real good decision. I had terrible nosebleeding last night and at home I feel much safer.

After a good cup of sleep I had a nice bowl of blueberries today, I love fresh blueberries!

Yesterday my mother called really late. My aunt is not so well, her cancer seems to have gotten on a fast lane. I have not a very close relationship with my aunt. So I really do not know how to react to this news. She loved the last letter I sent her into hospital so I am thinking about sending another one.

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Ella hat gesagt…

Hi Lily,
I think it is very nice of you sending your aunt letters to the hospital. I'm sure at the stage she is in, it really means a lot to her.
Hope you had a good and relaxing weekend.
Take care