Sonntag, 9. August 2015


It is hot - a real hot summer this year.

And I do not have a lot of nice T-shirts. I am outgrown the normal from the shop variety and do not want to live in tents, so I decided to start sewing with Jersey. My, was I scared. The last time I sewed with Jersey was a pair of Marlene trousers when I was twelve. I was a bit ahead of time I guess, because nobody else was wearing them at that time. I loved them for my summer holidays, but I sewed them with normal needles and had to live with some holes in the fabric.

Now I am a bit more grown up and I got myself needles for sewing Jersey. And I have to tell you it makes a real big difference. The first T-shirt I made was for my big sister, she asked for a second one with another motive (she seems not to like orange foxes in a blue forest) - I decided to sew her today another T-shirt with yellow cats on green and daisies. I have not finished the second one yet, but not being so much scared really helps. When this one I finished I will start to sew for myself.


jabbott hat gesagt…

It must be wonderful to be able to make your own clothes because you can tailer them to fit perfectly!

wide-eyed-tree hat gesagt…

I love how you sew so many clothes for yourself and your beloved ones!