Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015

These days

No, this pic is not from winter in Germany - we still have no snow here and just had one night below zero. I took the pic up in the mountains of Madeira. After a beautiful week I am back to work.
Work means a lot of work - I am happy I am doing it the second time so it gets easier than last year. 

Still a lot of chocolate is needed to get me through my day. My body looks nearly like this beautiful girl on a painted door in Funchal (Madeira).

 (Monte Palace Tropical Garden, Madeira)

I wish all peace and love and wisdom.


Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

Love these photos. Lily - would you send me a print of the Madeira trees? I absolutely love it! Or send me the file (large jpeg size).

jabbott hat gesagt…

Hi lily, glad you had a lovely holiday and great photos. Did you get my previous snail mail?