Sonntag, 10. April 2016


I still have the smell of sulphur in my nose - several spots are still active on the island. The nice thing is they give you some nice hot water places you can swim in. I tried several - one with a waterfall, one a brown iron water one and one where hot springs meet the sea in a small pool. Last one was my favorite, but I was a bit scared coz I was there alone and there were coming big waves of cold seawater in - a nice mix with the warm water in lowtide - and my husband was away doing a long walking tour around some lakes, no help should something went wrong - so I cut my stay in the water short. Oh, and after a nice day a nice meal is a must - fresh fishes from the sea, what can be better?


jabbott hat gesagt…

Looks relaxing here!

zaenudin hat gesagt…

thank you so much