Samstag, 11. Juni 2016

What the ... ?

I cursed a lot these days.

On Tuesday I got big pain getting on the first step of the local streetcar - so much pain I thought I would not get in it. Well, somehow I managed it, but the pain stayed - not going down much.

On Wednesday I went to my general doc and he told me to take some days big painkiller and stay at home for three days. The painkiller were really huge, but my pain, too. Usual I have problems getting such big pills in, but not this time. After two days on painkiller and still with heavy pain I visited my orthopädic doc yesterday.

Seems I have a rare condition- morbus boeck or morbus ledderhose. Means I have small knots in my feet that cause these problems. The are in most cases begnin, but the only really option to get the pain under controll is radiation therapy, uppsss.Nothing I will consider lighthearted - it can  give you a bigger chance of cancer and I am scared of that bit.So I will have to live with this pain for some more time, trying to get weight off and hoping to get away without radiation.

My mood was not the best these last months - the pain started in November last year and got to a climax now.

What helps a bit is when I tray to concentrate on creating.


Sandra Dunn hat gesagt…

Lily - I am so sorry to hear. I pray healing for you sweet friend.

wide-eyed-tree hat gesagt…

I'm sending you lot's of healing energy! I hope you manage somehow! Drink lot's of clear water to help your system! Much love!!!!

jabbott hat gesagt…

Hi lily sorry you are some unwell I will be in touch soon xx