Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016


Going slowly, not getting much done. Still a bit problems with my eyes ( had an emergency doc visit for it on thursday). Knobbles on my feet - told not cancerous tumours. And the feeling I will get knobbles on my hands soon, too - I see allready structures like it in my hands. Pain, shortness of breath, feeling like a 80 years old in body and a 19 years old in mind.

Did a bit of painting and sewing today, watched a bit netflix and surfed the net. Nothing to be much proud of. Checked to get a place for pottery on tuesday. Still my pottery looks like made by a 8 years old. Well, a nice group there and everything is about doing it more often so I get the go of it...

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jabbott hat gesagt…

Glad they are not cancerous, but what are they? So sorry your not well. I got your email look forward to post xx